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Content & Usage Policy


The original content that appears on The Outernet Web is subject to and protected under the copyright laws of The United States of America.

The Outernet Web allows you to download and save various audio, video, photographic and textual content only for your own personal use without the need to pay any licensing or royalty fees.

However, if you wish to use any content for commercial publication in media of any form that is sold for profit, then explicit written permission must be obtained from The Outernet Web and a license or royalty fee paid based on current rates at the time of your request.

It has been our policy to be as reasonable as possible in the negotiation of a mutually agreeable rate based on the distribution volume of the publication media.

Payment of any fees will be by check negotiable in U.S. funds upon delivery of the content and prior to the actual publication of the material.

A copy of the published material will be provided at no cost to The Outernet Web for reference and archival purposes.

The Outernet Web retains all copyrights to our original content, for it is our policy not to sell, transfer or grant any exclusive rights to our material.

Any original content that appears on The Outernet Web used without explicit written consent will be considered a direct violation of U.S. Copyright Laws and subject to serious and aggressive legal action on our behalf.

In certain situations we allow our content to be used without the need for the payment of a license fee or royalty. Requests from non-profit publications or organizations, news and press publications, educational entities or historical researchers may be eligible for a waiver of the required usage fees.

Please take the time to ask us if you want to use something from our site, it may be easier than you think and cause a lot less hassle.

Thank you for stopping by The Outernet Web.



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