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My Grandma's Old World Polish Recipes
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pstragi na niebiesko

Gut 4 roughly 1/2 lb. rainbow trouts, leaving heads attached and taking care not to rub off slime on skin. For best results, trout should be freshly killed. With a large needle and strong thread, sew tail of each to gill so that trout forms a circle.

Cook 1/2 portion soup greens with several peppercorns and 1 bay leaf in 4 cups salted water until vegetables are tender. Strain, discarding vegetables, add 1 cup wine vinegar.

Place fish into this acidulated stock and simmer gently 8-10 minutes. Remove fish and let cool on rack, then chill in fridge. Turn out on lettuce lined platter and dress with mayonnaise or serve it on the side.



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