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My Grandma's Old World Polish Recipes
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polmisek z jaj

Slice 8 hard-cooked eggs in half and remove a thin slice of white from bottoms so they don't wobble when placed yolk side up. Line a platter with leaves of lettuce. Line the halves up in 4 rows and garnish each row as follows:

1st row: Top eggs with a thin slice of smoked salmon and decorate with a "star" made of 5 tiny strips of mild red pickled peppers. Insert a tiny lemon wedge into center of each star.

2nd row: Top eggs with a dollop of mayonnaise and cover with a horn-shaped roll of thinly sliced boiled ham; insert a sprig of curly parsley into each horn.

3rd row: Cover eggs with pieces of smoked Baltic sprats or sardines, top each with a tiny dollop of mayonnaise and insert tiny lemon wedge into it; on 1 side of fish slice place a few shavings of freshly grated horseradish, on the other 1/2 a thin radish slice.

4th row: Spread the eggs rather thickly with mayonnaise and garnish with grated yellow cheese; sprinkle with paprika; top each with a cucumber swirl made from a rather thin cucumber.


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