Original Video Clips - Last Updated 01/04/2010


1. Kiddieland: Gas Train Ride - 04:44

Ride the Gas Train Miniature Railroad at Kiddieland Amusement Park in Illinois. This video clip recorded on July 3, 2009 during the final season of the park. Closed after providing 81 years of family oriented fun and entertainment. Video By Victor Modlinski.


2. "I'm A Dancer... I Can Dance" - 01:33

This video speaks for itself. He be Jammin'. Video By Victor Modlinski.


3. Chubby Checker - Twisted - 02:00

A live video recording of music legend Chubby Checker performing and getting a little "Twisted" about being videotaped. Video By Victor Modlinski.


4. Freedom Farter - 01:26

A humorous introduction of President George Bush, Sr. by PNA President Edward J. Moskal.


5. Mayor Harold Washington / April 30,1986. - 08:48

Chicago Mayor Harold Washington addresses the Polish American Community at City Hall during the Polish Constitution Day Celebrations in 1986. Video By Victor Modlinski.


6. Remember ChicagoFest? I Do. - 01:25

A short visual music collage featuring photos from the greatest Chicago musical festival that time forgot... ChicagoFest / 1978 to 1983. Video By Victor Modlinski.


7. Disco Demolition Night - The Day Disco Died - 02:58

A short video/photo slideshow clip showing the events of the July 12, 1979 Disco Demolition Night at the Old Comiskey Park in Chicago. Disco Still Sucks!


8. Tim Kilbride Remembered... - 08:48

Comedian & Impressionist Tim Kilbride appears in this audition video recorded December 2, 2007 in Des Plaines Illinois. Tim passed away on April 19, 2009. We dedicate this video to Tim from all of his friends in the business. "Is that wild?" - Rest in peace Tim.


The Wedding Day
9. The Wedding Day - 04:01

A musical intro to a Wedding video from my days as a Wedding Photographer & Videographer. A video produced by Victor Modlinski & Thomas K. Sobolak.


A Franz Benteler Moment
10. A Franz Benteler Moment - 04:01

A video from a performance by Franz Benteler at a wedding from my days as a Wedding Photographer & Videographer. Produced by Victor Modlinski with Thomas K. Sobolak.


A Franz Benteler Moment
11. Memorial Mass for Pope John Paul II - 06:25

The Polish National Alliance holds a memorial mass for Pope John Paul II on office grounds on April 8, 2005. Produced By Victor Modlinski.


A Franz Benteler Moment
12. A Tribute to Edward J. Moskal - 03:57

A video trubute to PNA President Edward J. Moskal, who passed away in 2005. Produced by Victor Modlinski and Robert M. Jadach.


A Franz Benteler Moment
13. PNA Youth Jamboree - 02:32

A video from the mid 1980's featuring various youth dance groups at the Polish National Alliance Youth Jamboree at Alliance College in Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania.


A Franz Benteler Moment
14. Wo-Zha-Wa Days 2004 - Wisconsin Dells - 08:32

A video featuring the music and events of the 2004 Wo-Zha-Wa Days Festival in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. Produced By Victor Modlinski.


A Franz Benteler Moment
15. A Tribute to Lonnie Parlor - 03:15

A short musical medley featuring Lonnie Parlor as Sammy Davis, Jr. with the Chicago Rat Pack. Lonnie past away on July 19, 2006 and this is a tribute for all of his fans to enjoy and remember his great talent. We all will miss him greatly - Rest easy my brother...