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No doubt about it... he's the "Candy Man!"

Reprinted With Permission From "Copy Cats" - A Book By Bea Fogelman

An incredibly talented song and dance man in his own right since he was eight years old, LONNIE PARLOR was influenced by Baptist music and rhythm and blues. His first professional entertainment gig was in Muskogee, Oklahoma, in 1962.

Music has always been his first vocation however, in earlier times Lonnie knew how to make a living in between engagements by working as a Jet mechanic, salesman, electrician and auto mechanic.

In 1990 much of the world mourned the death of Sammy Davis, Jr ... and so did Lonnie. For years he had been told how he looked and sounded like the star.

In 1978 he had the privilege of performing for Sammy in Reno. After the show Sammy and Lonnie chatted about their similarities. Sammy, as always, was enthusiastically encouraging to his fellow performers and urged Lonnie to do a take-off of Sammy Davis, Jr. in his act.

His career had been busy with star stints in such Vegas shows as "Jubilation" and "Shadz" and playing lounges and showrooms throughout the United States, Canada and Asia. He also worked regularly in Los Angeles as a studio musician and back-up singer for many notable recording artists.

The summer of 1990 Lonnie ventured forth with a full scale tribute to Sammy Davis, Jr., which caught the eye of JOHN STUART who hired him immediately for a nine week run at the Nuggett Hotel and Casino in Reno. His success there led to a regular spot in the Legends in Concert shows.

He contends that performing as an impersonator "you must adhere to a strict code of conduct, vocally and visually, during a performanoe." After the death of the famous star, Mark Davis, son of Sammy Davis, Jr. greeted Lonnie. Mark had seen the show and eqjoyed Lonnie’s impersonation of his father.

LONNIE PARLOR was scheduled to be in the 1991 show at Harrahs Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City. Weeks before the show, after performing in the Legends in Concert show at the Asquaga Nuggett Hotel in Reno, Lonnie suffered a major stroke. Fortunately he fully recovered after months of medical care and self-determination.

At Harrahs, CLIVE BALDWIN as Al Jolson replaced LONNIE PARLOR. In about ten weeks, Clive, who has since produced several of his own recordings, suffered an inner-ear problem and was replaced by DARYL WAGNER as Liberace.

One lifetime dream had been realized. LONNIE PARLOR recently appeared in a musical stage show of "The Pack Is Back" ... a major stage production that began its long run at Piper’s Alley in the Phantom Sands Hotel in Chicago. His part in the show he knew well ... that of Sammy Davis, Jr. When the show closed Lonnie decided to remain in Chicago where he and the rest of the cast formed their own company doing the Chicago area clubs.

A bass player and songwriter, LONNIE PARLOR is constantly working on his albums of songs ... and strives to perfect his Sammy impersonation so that the memory of the famous star will not be forgotten ... to be shared forever.

Five months out of every year you will find Lonnie Parlor in the Resort Island of Aruba in the Caribbean performing as Sammy Davis, Jr. in his own show production.

LONNIE PARLOR resides in Chicago, Illinois.

"Copy Cats"

A book by Bea Fogelman

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